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Weighing in motion

A speciality of DIGI SENS is weighing in motion, also called dynamic weighing. Using two different sensors, force and acceleration are measured. This allows compensation for external vibrations and variations in speed. The measurement is carried out without stopping and without interrupting the process.


Guide-Plate (monobloc load cell)

Many DIGI SENS load cells feature a guideplate, so that only vertical forces are measured. Stray torsional or horizontal forces are filtered out mechanically. The so-called monobloc load cell makes the construction of a platform scales with a single cell possible, as in other applications with eccentric loading.

A monobloc load cell on a refusecollection lorry

Because this system only requires a very small deformation, DIGI SENS monobloc load cells have a very high overload-capability and are very robust.




DIGI SENS was founded in 1993. We develop, produce and sell measuring systems based on the oscillating-wire technology. At present the company has 30 employees and customers all over the world.

Vision & mission

DIGI SENS stresses the importance of offering their customers new, reliable and affordable solutions, thanks to creative measurement technologies. Our goal is to provide weighing systems to measure stocks and material flows of any kind. The aim is to lower the costs and to protect the environment by optimizing and correct costing.


     DIGI SENS technologies are globally appreciated